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Saturday, May 17, 2003

Yummish: Foodblog & breadcoffeechocolateyoga 

Just found Kips' Foodblog...I know it's a good food website when reading makes me want to click, cook, eat, not neccessarily in that order. Lots of links to other sites, descriptions of meals and recipes, and photos.
No RSS..too bad, I am still in love with my newsmonster reader.
breadcoffeechocolateyoga is also neat, First of all, this person likes coffee and chocolate, and second of all, they're into brazilian music and acid jazz..what could be bad?


AOL: Buddy Icons that don't suck 

Via David at BoingBoing, BadAss Buddy Icons, a site to grab uh, unique icons for your AOL IM tools.


Star Kids: Securing those domain names early 

According to, Michael Douglass and Catherine Zeta-Jones have registered a dozen Internet addresses aka URLS for baby Carys Zeta Douglas, born on April 20 this year. More details in this story in the Mirror.
Baby son Dylan's name is already registered to Michael Douglas@ P.O. Box 49054, Los Angeles, CA 90049,
A quick check reveals that the domains for Rolling Stone kids, Elizabeth, and are all unsecured.

Blogging: The T-shirt 

"Friends don't let friends blog drunk"
If you want to show the world you're a blogger, or just have hip, amazing obscure slogans on your chest, check out Paul Frankenstein's Cafe Shop with assorted merch from Gawker, JaneGalt, and lots of other folks who hopefully didn't think this enterprise would pay the rent on the 1 bedroom.
Quwstion: Does Eizabeth Spiers wear the Gawker throng? Might be great shwag to send the Hilton sisters--Paris seems to always need new panties.

Missed it again: NYC Bloggers Bash 

Missed it again! The NYC BLoggers bash was last night, and at the last minute I couldn't go.
We're selling our house, and I had to go home and deal with getting it ready for the wave of realtors heading through the door today. It must have been a great time tho--it was at that cool bar down in the subway in midtown in the West Side and lots of people I hope I get to meet next time were there: Paul Frankenstein, Jane Galt, Shelia the Redhead, etc. And Anil, of course, who I know and think is great.
I think everyone who went there is still asleep--will point later to any cool pix that go up...and all the blog entries the folks have gotta post.

New Word: Blogeoisie 

New word for the blogging compelled: blogeoisie, the class of people who read and write blogs, coined buy Bill Thmpson from the BBC and reported by BBC's Ten Things We Didn't Know This Time Last Week.
Thanks Luke Hopwood, dev/null

NY Times: Dating a Blogger story 

Amusing NYC Times piece on spilling your guts in cyberspace--stories of the venting, ranting and naif who let loose and get busted (as opposed to those of us who just put it out there, k nowing everyone in our life will see, eventually.)
Proof blogging is entertaining mainstream is Times covering it as lifestyle story, as opposed to Tech.

Blogger's Delight:new links to SMB! 

Ah, the sweet rewards of the blogging world. Four new bloggers linked to me yesterday!
Redheaded Ramblings: Shelia A-Stray, an interesting blog that is a combination of a personal diary and sharp observations--well worth reading; Travelers Diagram, a NYC blog with interesting notes--and phots--on art, the city, music & more; the rompe blog, from Germany!; Aron Bailey's 601am, a wonderful blog of morning NY goodness. Thanks for finding this interesting--we aim to serve it up hot, fresh, and delicious.

Friday, May 16, 2003

One Thousand (Cloned) Trees: Natalie Jeremijenko's Art 

Today BoingBoing highlighted environmental artist Natalie Jeremijenko's new "One Tree(s)" project which involves planting 1,000 clones of the same tree in various places and monitoring what happens. My friend Steven Madoff has written about Natalie's work and had discussed it with me; great to see this getting play on BoingBoing, one of my favorite blogs (okay, maybe my favorite). The show is at Pond, info here.
A 1999 Rockefeller Fellow, Jeremijenko has done projects for MassMOCA and was named one of the top one hundred young innovators by the MIT Technology Review.Here's a link to an amazing paper (PDF) she wrote about product design, and a link to The Biotech Hobbyist, an online magazine she produced 1998-2001. This zine is "THE place on the Web for biotech tinkerers, builders, experimenters, students, and others who love the intellectual
challenge and stimulation of hobby biotech !"
(a little conceptual art, mebbe?)
More links here.
I just realized that her initias are the same as New Jersey--NJ.
This must mean my brain has died but I am still typing. Uh-oh.

News: Teacher files against No Child Left Behind Act 

According to KCTV, Kansas City, Kansas, Brian K. Kegerreis of Roeland Park, Kansas, a middle school special education teacher, filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Education on Thursday claiming that the No Child Left Behind education act is unconstitutional.

The law requires that all public school students be academically proficient by 2014, and specifies penalties for schools that don't measure up. According to KCTV, Kansas, Kegerreis feels the law could is a barrier to providing quality education.
More stories here .

AOL: Colburne doesn't remember 

Story in CNN Money today explaining how documents filed as part of a deposition to the SEC by David COlbunr last summer offer interesting detail--or a lack of them--about the pPurchase Pro deal under scrutiny. According to the article, Colburne says he doesn't remember details of key meetings, but he doesn offer some details about his deputy Eric Keller, who was put on leave at AOL as a response to the SEC inquiry.

Quote: "In his deposition, Colburn described a conversation he had with Joe Ripp, then AOL's chief financial officer and now the vice-chairman of the AOL division, and Keller. Colburn said he had "concern," which was shared by other "senior executives," that Keller was "not fully forthcoming" about a $12.2 million AOL transaction with Purchase Pro. Not long after that conversation, Keller was placed on leave. Colburn and a human resource manager notified Keller, but despite prodding from an SEC lawyer, Colburn testified that he couldn't recall details of that conversation. " (More here.)


News: Check this 

Richard Branson buys an Australian island to use for staff holiday retreat
DIA: Beacon set to open, with much press fanfare and rising real estate prices in town.
Beatle wife Heather Mills insists she would be "happy to live in a shed" with Sir Paul.
LA director Adam Shankman is suing Jennifer Lopez for $6MM for ripping off his idea of doing a big-screen adaption of Carmen with the singer.


Family ties: Giants coach Fassel reunited with son put up for adoption 

Denver post photo
34 years ago, then teen-aged couple John and Kitty Fassel put their out of weblock baby up for adoption. This week, the Fassels reunited with their son, now the father of four and a resident of Denver. The New York Times ran a heart-warming story on this event, including very generous an dloving quotes from Dorothy Rogers, the sons adopted mother.
More recent stories on this one here.


Pack and Go: Taking your yoga instructor on the road 

New York Times article today on a growing trend for the affluent NY/LA set to take their yoga instructor on the road when they travel. Quote from a hotel mogul:
"It's important to travel with someone you can depend on and trust, someone who helps you better your life. now more than ever...Even though taking a chef, trainer, Pilates, and sometimes a yoga instructor with me to St. Barts, the Hamptons and Europe is a way I nuture myself and take care of my health, it may sound frivolous to people who don't understand."
No, not really. We understand that your psychic is afraid to fly.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

AOL News, more execs & shareholder's meeting 

New execs adding to the mix
Ned Brody, who was CFO at Looksmart, is joining AOL as SVP for premium services, reporting to Broadband head Lisa Hook, reports Business Week and CNET. An AOL release today quotes Lisa Hook, "I'm excited about the opportunity we have to reinforce the consumer relationships at the heart of our business and create incremental revenues by providing members with quality premium services. Already, we've made good progress with the recent launch of premium services in the voice, music and anti-virus categories. Ned is a first-rate business strategist and manager, and I know that he will be a great asset to us as we continue to build our premium services business."
Brody left Looksmart in 2001 and was replaced by Martha Clark. Shares of Looksmart fell 43% last week when the compant announced greatly reduced results for the most recent quarter.
In the past six months, AOL has added some very talented people to their team: Tina Sharkey, Deanna Brown both came from the NY media world; Ned Desmond was brought in from Time, Inc. AOL also recruited Joe McCambley from Boston-based ad agency Digitas to run the Studio division, where all the pages are built. Hopefully, these folks will help make some hits.

Shareholder's meeting
AOL's next shareholder's meeting, at which Richard Parsons becomes chairman, is this Friday. The Associated Press is predicting shareholder drama at the meeting, given that shares have fallen 30 percent since last year, despite leaders' vows to get thing back on track and assurances we've hit bottom. Since the merger was completed, in 2001, AOL TW shares have lost 70% of their value, as we all know.


Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Department of Scary Stuff: California Autism Rate Doubles 

According to a recent report by the California Department of Developmental Services, the number of children with autism in California has nearly doubled in the last four years and continues to grow as researchers struggle to identify the cause of the incurable developmental disorder. Reported in SF Gate.

New Blog: Newbie Mind: blogging as a communications and learning tool 

I broke down and started a new blog where I can focus on writing about blogging as a communications and learning tool. Am interested in promoting and supporting blogs as a tool for teacher professional development and curriculumn exchange, group discussion, and community building. Newbie Mind will focus on those topics and on what is being said and done in those areas. It will also contain tips, links, and best practices.

Test: New blogger tools 

I'm posting this with DANO, the new blogger platform. The tool allowed me to set up an RSS feed automatically, but Newsmonster can't find it--yet. I am hoping that publishing this item, and having note changes will make the new RSS feed visible. Here goes.

Business, California, Internet 

Department of Vacant Buildings: eBay purchases San Jose campus & city officials kvell

According to a story in today's New York Times , eBay is buying a vast San Jose office campus for future expansion. This is big news in a town filled with vacant dot-bomb office parks and emptying apartment complexes.
"This gives me hope," says Mike Fox Jr. , chairman of the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce and president of M.E. Fox & Co. Inc. Distribution Co. "The most successful dot-com company in the world has chosen to stay here. That's good for the psyche."
San Jose Merc story here .


NYC, photos 

Neat animated gif of new york city apartment buildings from anil and jason levine (Q daily news). Click here to see.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

News; Gossiplist 

Gossip: New Gossiplist is out
The new Gossiplist is out and it's a doozy. Blind items about John Goodman, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Gavin Rossdale, Fran Drescher, Cameron Douglas and others are explicated with care, as we used to say in English class.
Is it all true? Who knows--probably not, but mucho fun to read.

Business: EXECUTIVE SHUFFLE: Kevin Conroy promoted at AOL 

EXECUTIVE SHUFFLE: Kevin Conroy promoted at AOL
Read the announcement this morning that Kevin Conroy's been promoted to EVP and head of broadband for AOL. I remember when Kevin joined AOL to lead the music team back in 2001. He came from BMG, where he'd worked with Napster and took a unit that needed a lot of work and made it into a powerful force for consumers, and for AOL's bottom line. Kevin has always been one of the people at AOL who planned carefully to get things done. His move into broadband is a natural extension of his current role and his interests in live and recorded entertainment delivered digitally.
His promotion does make me wonder, however, how the AOL organization is going to shift once again. Will Kevin's entertainment teams move with him, reflecting AOL's continued--and new--emphasis on broadband content as their subscription revenue stream? If yes, that means a significant chunk of the programming group could move off the Programming EVP's bottom line and into another executive's organization.
Or, it's possible that Kevin will move and leave his Entertainment organization in place with a new leader, perhaps his second-in command, and be more of a virtual leader for both teams.
Either way, with Conroy's new role, the internal lines at AOL are redrawn in a way that puts one of AOL's most focused and driving executives into an even more key role..
More stories here.

Monday, May 12, 2003

Humor: Pesky the Rat 

Pesky the Rat Goes to Bloggers' Therapy
Pesky the rat and his friend Janet the Snake are the Archie and Mehitabel of today's blogosphere--they have their own blog where they comment on recent events. Most recently, Pesky and his snakey pal attended Blogger's Therapy because they are unable to talk without insulting each other. Before that, Persky commented on the flap at the New York Times over standards and assured his readers The Rat would not compromise.


News: The New York Times Doesn't Get It 

News: The New York Times Doesn't Get It
It's going to take more than excoriating Jayson Blair to get the Time's to understand how new media models are changig. J.D. Lasica lays it out here in a terrific article about how the Times just gets it wrong.

Blogging: Promoting your blog 

Promoting your blog
Okay, you're writing the damn thing. You told your friends, your mother, and your ex-colleagues from work. Now what? Short of publishing company secrets, how do you get anyone to visit your blog?
Shirley Kaiser of Brainstorms and Raves offers tips, including links to Volokh's Promoting One's Blog . Tim Swanson has a Link-0-Rama section on his blog that lists all the places that will promote, list, and syndicate your blog.Other links that have value: How To Get Your Web Site Content Syndicated by Kalena Jordan and DanThies.
One of the best comments in the above advice, however, is to keep at it . It's unrealistic to expect to build a large audience quickly, unless you are writing something very unique. Also, remember that most people unfaimilar with your writing will come to read a specific post, not your blog in general, so focus on alerting people to key posts and hope that builds up a repeat audience.
More tk on this...stay tuned.

More on Jayson Blair: E&P--The Blair Watch Project, or who knew the Times was that wacky?
The press and the blog worlds are going crazy with the revelation in the NY Times denoucement of Jayson Blair.
One of the best alternative views is from E&P's Greg Mitchell, who picks apart the tremendously lengthly, painstaking detailed story the Times published about what he called "The Blair Watch Incident."
SF Indymedia takes another tack in its story --that the Times is rotten to the core and demonizing young Blair for its own failings, including pressuring young reporters to write too many stories, wear suits, and smoke outside the building."
ChronWatch says "Jayson Blair is journalism's Andy Fastow."
Alternet's writer says "According to some critics, (Blair's) poster boy for the repeal of affirmative action...There are countless reporters of color with proven track records looking for new opportunities. The question is whether outspoken, honest journalists of color are a better fit than con artists like Blair."
Gersh Kuntzman at Newsweek filed a column today making fun of the whole brouhaha. Kuntzman writes:" What will no doubt become known as “The Blair Switch Project” is the greatest journalism scandal since the last time a journalist fabricated stories, became the toast of the town, crashed and burned in a public spectacle of second-guessing, disappeared for a few weeks and then emerged with a six-figure book contract."
Twenty-eight links to this story right now at Blogdex trackback.


Sunday, May 11, 2003

Jayson Blair: What is most amazing? 

What is more amazing--that the NY Times devoted a front page, meticulously researched article to detailing Jayson Blair's obsessive deceptions and frauds during this time as a writer at the paper--or the slopy, self-serving journalism Blair engaged in?
And what's with folk at the NY Times? Seems like Jonathan Landman was the only one who wanted to move the guy out.
And finally, how sad is this? Watching a promising journalist self-destruct his career is heart-breaking.
Good comments from One Minute Man here.
Mickey Kraus tears the Times a new one here .
Poynter asks Can this happen elsewhere?

RSS: Does it work? 

This is my RSS test--let's see if I got it to work or not.

PACKING IT UP AND TAKING IT ON THE ROAD: Going bicoastal, not postal 

We'll we're about to move forward with those plans to be bicoastal in a major way. Sometime this summer, we're going to move to California, back to the Valley.
Only when Susan Mernit moves anywhere, it's never simple, nope. I'm going to move back West and continue working in New York. Yep, it's that bicoastal thing again.
Live in California, work everywhere. Come back to the City (NY is the only city that never needs a modifier) and see clients and get things done. Come back to the city a a lot. Work in California as well.
Am I completely insane? Well, I might be , but a bi-coastal work life won't be the thing that drives me round the bend--I've done this before. When I worked at AOL, I commuted cross country for a year--almost every week. (Yes, I have amazing miles). Then I commuted up and down from NY to VA, which seemed like a mere trifle after my 6,000 mile excusions.
Truth is, I am very excited about heading back to California-- at heart, I am both an editor/business person and a product developer. While NY is the world's media capital, the Bay area is home to so many brilliant product companies--I realy enjoy the creation that goes on in both places. And I know great people in both places.
So I hopefully will have the best--and worst--of both coasts pretty soon.

Tigers & Pigs: Why can't we all just get along? 

From Betsy Devine's blog, which I found via Scott Johnson :

"Sai Mai, a 26-month-old female tiger, plays with baby pigs at a zoo in Chonburi province, 50 miles east of Bangkok, May 7, 2003. The Royal Bengali tigress was born in captivity and breast-fed by a female pig for four months after her birth."

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