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Saturday, May 03, 2003

Dale Chihuly: Yes, he blows

Seattle glassblower Dale Chihuly is the subject of Gothamist's wonderful post on the glassmaster and his various exhibits around the world.
A new Chihuly installation at the just-opened Tacoma Art Museum is partly responsible for all the press exclaiming over Tacoma's new lustre--and for the flap over the half a million dollar cost of the piece created especially for the museum.
Chihuly's own site is a great place to see his work online, learn about the artist,
and check out the exhibition schedules. A larger than life figure, Chihuly has art in over 20 museums, worldwide.
HANGING: Missed the Blogger's dinner in NY
Dinner at Katz's deli with the cool kids of blogging, organized by Doc Searlsand Dean.
I now know the payoff for reading Doc Searl's weblog is not only knowledge, but a great social life :-)
Wonderful comments from Halley's Comment on the East/West coast confusion thing...people who live here, popping up there, and then, here, and a fine review of Katz's as well.
Pix here.
BLOG THE PLANET: Department of Vicarious Thrills
Wish you were there? They are.
Mt. Everest: Lorenzo Gariano posts an audio blog from his Mt. Everest climb. The accompanying base camp journal from Scott Wollum has terrific pictures.
Hawaii: Hawaii Stories , Knikc-Knack's Hawaii Blog
Bangkok/Cambodia: Christina's Blog
Paris: Paris, a blog by Tom Fox
Napa, Ca : Terry Trazoli, Seattle Times travel editor, blogs trip to Napa and SF; Good Juice blogs wine, food and the good life.

Friday, May 02, 2003

SHOPPING: 50's soap, matches, and pop for sale from old time grocery store

Karlin Lillington has a cool link to the BoingBoing item on a grocery store that was closed in the 50's and is only now having the contents put up for auction. Great photos of stuff live here.

BLOGGING: William Gibson to close down blog
According to Wired News, William Gibson will wind down his blog to focus his writing energy on a new novel. "...Blogging is the largest amount of personal feedback I've had from readers over time," Gibson says in the article Gibson has blogged on what it feels like to be a novelist not writing a novel.
Karlin Lillington, who wrote the Gibson story, has a cool weblog, called techno/cultural here .
Other links to novelists blogs include those in the BoingBoing archive for Bruce Sterling and Rudy Rucker.. Cory Doctorow has his blog here.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Beck joins the Blogosphere
Beck's the latest celeb to launch his own blog, joining Wil Wheaton, Moby, and a host of wheat-grass drinkers. Thanks to Media Junkie ffor the link.
May 1 : Moments in History
1883: Buffalo Bill staged his first Wild West Show.
1920: the Boston Braves and Brooklyn Dodgers played the longest game in baseball history. The 26-inning game ended tied at one.
1941; General Mills introduced Cheerios cereal.
1963: Rolling Stones began their first recording session in London for Decca Records, recording the Chuck Berry song ``Come On.''
1982: Joan Jett and The Blackhearts had the number one single with"I Love Rock and Roll."
1986: Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee married actress Heather Locklear in Santa Barbara, Calif. Both wore white.
1988: Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls became the first player to score 50 or more points in consecutive playoff games, in the Bulls' first two games against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the
First Round of their Eastern Conference series.
1997: Marilyn Manson won its lawsuit against the New Jersey Sports & Exhibition Authority, which tried to ban the band from playing in a heavy-metal rock festival at the Meadowlands.

(Sources: CNN and AP)

MAD SCIENCE: Minute pinworms survive Columbia space shuttle crash

According to a recent BBC science story, hundreds of worms that were part of an experiment aboard space shuttle Columbia
have been found alive in debris recovered from the crash site, Nasa officials say. The Caenorhabditis elegans worms, which are about the size of a pin head, were in a locker discovered in Texas several weeks ago.
The C elegans worms have a life cycle of seven to 10 days, so the ones found this week were likely to be four or five generations removed from the original space travel.

HOT OFF THE PRESSES: New & Juicy Metapop, a collaborative web log
Check out the new effort from Shanti Bradford and crew.
The two faces of Susan
Sometimes I feel like I have a New York self and a California self.
The New Yorker stares down people who push ahead in line, is addicted to Page Six, and has a wicked collection of expensive pointy-toed shoes.
The Californian sits zazen, is writing a business plan for K-12 blogging tools, and shops at Target.
The New Yorker likes rap and Brazilian music, while the Californian likes electronica and acid jazz.
Both think that West Coast bagels suck and H&H Bagels is the solution.
Will AOL for Broadband Make its Numbers?
At the Software Developer's Forum yesterday, Miguel Monteverde explained how AOL was moving away from being an ISP ands becoming a content provider.
Specifically, Miguel explained AOL's vision of AOL for Broadband, a content and entertainment rich premium offering. This new service will run across cable
and broadband provider's networks into the homes of subscribers willing to pay an extra $14.95 a month for the AOL value pack of music and movie services,
integrated IM and multimedia email.
Miguel did a great presentation, with a wonderful concept videotape, but it left me wondering where AOL thought it was going to get these subscribers from.
Would households already paying hefty cable and DSL bills tack on the premium for additional services? Or will the primary audience for AOL for Broadband
be AOL's curent subscribers who are eager to hold on to their email addresses even as they move to DSL and cable modem?
My guess is that it is going to be hard to get a substantial number of consumers to pony up cash for the new service--but that AOL may be able to grow the
numbers for Wall Street through bundling and offering extended trials.

How much will AOL pay out?
On a seperate note, CNN reported today that AOL may have to pay $1B to settle shareholder suits brought against them.

AOL Spam-sifter or Spam-killer?
ZDNet UK reports that AOL is blocking up to 2B spam messages a day from the service. Considering that I receive at least 50 spam messages a day, this news is alarming.
Reading: My so-called Lesbian Life
Psquid--this one's for you, Zack
Itinerant Outta New York
BLOGGING: Celebrity Blogger's Smackdown
Marc Benioff or Paris Hilton?
Wil Wheaton or Dave Barry?
Popbitch or Gossiplist?
Gothamist or Gawker?

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

COUNTING: Revenue from online newspaper sites trends upward
Rub Runett of the New Media Federation of the Newspaper Association of America reports on the double-digit percentage revenue increases experienced by several online news sites, an outcome of focusing on
classified ad upsells, and national ad sales. As Steve Yelvington points out, Rob's study shows a year-over-year Internet revenue increase among publicly held newspaper companies, including the New York Times, Knight-Ridder, and The Washington Post.
More on newspapers and revenue in Steve Outings' E&P column.
And newspapers need more 'buzz,' to attract readers under 35, according to a recent study.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

California Raining:Going to the movies
Well, I'm here in the Valley, and it feels great, 'cept it's been raining off and on since I arrived yesterday. Went to see The Dark Side of the Heart 2, a wildely romantic movie that reminds me of Anais Nin's stories and Ingmar Bergman's in its insightful, over-the-top romanticism. Directed by Eleiso Subiela, and set in part in a circus, the flick focuses on a poet and his quest for the perfect woman. The dialogue is poetry, the images are surrealistic, and the mood is romanticly wry.

Spring: Great photos of Central Park

The Gothamist has a wonderful photo from Trevor's photo blog.
Here's another image of the same bridge by Anders Goldfarb, part of The Bridge Project,dreamy images of bridges around the world.

Sunday, April 27, 2003

Travelling: Monday is plane day
Heading from New York to California early Monday morning. Will probably be offline most of the day.
Blogging: Emergent Technologies, Emergent Report
Just found Steve Mallett's cool Emergent Report web log/news roundup.
Thanks, Steve...I keep looking for edited sites like this one.
Watching: Chewie Returns

Via Slashdot, the news
that the latest Star Wars flick will
feature Chewbacca, everyone's favorite Wookie.
Hollywood Reporter story here.

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