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Hey you know that site redesign I talked about? Well, this is it. I'm moving over to susanmernit.com/blog BloggerCon: Test Blogroll is liveBoston Globe on AOLTW becoming TWX once moreChristopher Riley's RadioheadHurrican Isabel picks up: Nuclear power plants in her pathAOL: Downgrading from brand to productAOL News: New look, new HTMLNews about the environment for people who live in citiesWhere will blogging be a year from now?Village Voice: Dean Finds that courting bloggers means tough questionsBreak up with J Lo: Dif Ben's buddies intervene?JD Lasica & NDN :We Media: How audiences are shaping the future of news and information The Ten Most Toxic Lies in BusinessNew Scorecard for Bush inaccuracies: Misleader.orgThe laugh's on us: 2004 election bumper stickersJ Lo a no go; couple aisles apartB-schmo boots J-lo?Confessions of a soccer mom: The Mernit Taxi service is launchedAOL: Big Brother is watching, or a story about SPAMMy new AOL Superbuddy, Cool GirlToo busy to blog today: Here's WhyFirst person survivor: Michael Wilson's account of 9/11Marc North: My favorite bloggerThe best way to go bankrupt: Have children, get a jobJayson Blair: Birds of a Feather, Publish TogetherMy turn to quote Jeff Jarvis: 9/11 Memorial in NYWashington Post: DC blogger debate business blogsReverse Cowgirl quits bloggingMediaLife: Interview with David Pecker, CEO of American MediaFrom Broadband Reports 46.7 million can't be wrong...BloggerCon Day 2 Panel-- Technology: What do users want?Dinner, once moreSeptember 11th: RememberingSara Glines: I survived Susan MernitAd Targeting and the 2004 ElectionsRick Bruner & More on Blogger/GoogleAOL: End of year layoffs are comingDepartment of Inexplicable Obsessions: My Portable housing ManiaTranslation from the Googlese: Deconstructinng the Blogger Pro announcement What I made for dinner tonightWhat I made for dinner last nightThis just in-- Dean Campaign comes to BloggerConBloggerCon session changes: Technology Panel MovesAOL TW's Chairman and CEO Anne Moore on media on the webJim Daly to edit Red Herring--againRick Bragg to pen Jessica Lynch bookDavd Bowie to launch new album with realtime streamed concert on netABC Newslaunches live political show on the WebWarren Zevon, RIPIn brief: Around the BlogosphereUnplug ArchitectureMediaBurn: George Bush is the Gray Davis of the USDenial of Service took this site down yesterdayElectrolite on new group blogsEichler-world: Block party in the modern zone&IncludeBlogs=2">Click here to find the post you were were looking for on my new site! Hey you know that site redesign I talked about? Well, this is it. I'm moving over to susanmernit.com/blog Click here to view the new expanded archives on my new site!
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